Our 3E Mission: Engage, Entertain and Educate

  • Engage

    Our first aim is to engage students by immersing them in exciting, engaging scenarios that just so happen to be filled with math.

  • Entertain

    Our second aim is to entertain. Without enjoyment, education is always doomed to fail. We enable education by first entertaining.

  • Educate

    Finally, an environment where students are enjoying being emotionally and energetically engaged enables effective education.


Eureka Prize Finalist

Math Thrills founder Michael has been selected as one of three finalists for the Australian Museum’s and Macquarie University’s Eureka Prize for Outstanding Early Career Researcher. The

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Associate Professor Michael Milford

Founding Director

Michael Milford is the founding director of Math Thrills and has more than 15 years of experience developing innovative educational initiatives. He is an Associate Professor, Microsoft Fellow and ARC Future Fellow and has attracted more than $20,000,000 in research, industry and investment funding.

Author photo

Jemma Pollari

Professional Author

Jemma has been teaching physics, general science and mathematics to Sunshine Coast teenagers since 2010. She has a Bachelor of Science Communication (Honours) from the Australian National University, and a Graduate Diploma of Education and a Master of Education from the University of the Sunshine Coast. When not teaching, Jemma writes. Science shows that the universe works in bizarre but understandable ways, and Jemma writes to explore the line between “what is” and “what if”.


Taili Beausang

Workshop Ambassador

Taili is currently studying a Bachelor of Mechaical Engineering (Honours) / Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) dual degree at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). The reason she has chosen these degrees is to build something that makes a real difference to someone's quality of life.


Jake Dean

Workshop Ambassador

Erin McColl

Workshop Creation

Erin has a passion for technology and innovation and for inspiring students. She experienced firsthand the awesomeness of robotics in high school, and hopes to provide other students with the same direction and ambition she got from that experience, to create a generation of smarter and more capable engineers.


James Mount

Workshop Ambassador

James is a PhD candidate in Engineering Education and has been involved in workshop demonstrations at schools.


Joshua Smith

Workshop Ambassador

Josh is an experienced maths ambassador and has been involved in workshop demonstrations at schools.


Brent Watts


At Bluebox, Brent holds the position of Director, Innovation & Engagement in which he oversees a range of new venture, investment and strategic growth initiatives, including the bluebox Accelerator program and Innovation Challenge


QUT Bluebox

Seed Investor

bluebox is the innovation and knowledge transfer company for Queensland University of Technology (QUT). Founded in 2006, bluebox is a wholly owned subsidiary of QUT, co-located with the Division of Research and Commercialisation at the QUT’s Kelvin Grove campus. bluebox is dedicated to teaming up with QUT researchers in identifying, evaluating, protecting and transferring QUT intellectual property to the real world.


We Want You!

Educators, writers, artists, demonstrators

If you are passionate about learning and teaching and would like to revolutionize education, please get in touch. We have a range of positions for educators, writers, artists and workshop demonstrators available starting now.

We Are Hiring!

If you are passionate about learning and teaching and would like to revolutionize education, please get in touch. We have a range of positions for educators, writers, artists and workshop demonstrators available starting now.


"I have been struggling in maths all my life as I missed out on the basics in primary school as a result of changing schools. I would like to take this time just too sincerely thankyou for going out of your way to produce something that has and will help people, like myself, who have been struggling. You have given me new found energy to wake up in the morning and go to school and maths in particular. Thankyou."
- Michael, student
"The explanations and examples given are extremely easy to follow and should provide no difficulties for any student or adult wishing to extend their knowledge of Maths…"
- Rod, teacher
"Brilliant, very exciting, and much-needed. I don't know of anything around at the moment that promotes maths to teenagers as recreation."
- Merryn, maths editor
"With a young boy, I'd like him to be able to read and learn interesting concepts in a fun way. I'm glad that someone is doing what you're doing - keep up the good work!"
- Duy, father of school student
"A very creative and as far as I know unique idea."
- Associate Professor Leon Poladian, National Mathematics Summer School
"The concept interested me… I believe that books that are entertaining and help broaden one's math knowledge can be useful"
- Kickstarter backer
"What a great combination – a thriller fiction & maths!"
- Kickstarter backer

School Clients

A sampling of current school licensees (from a limited Queensland-only Beta release)

Funding Rounds

  • Self-funded
    --- Pre-seed
  • Kickstarter
    $2,500 Pre-seed
  • QUT BlueBox
    $50,000 Seed


Contact info
0412 944 682 michael@maththrills.com