Student Workshops


Workshop activities

Math Thrills workshops for up to 25 students take 1 hour (plus transport time to and from QUT). Students live out a “Save the City” scenario where they have to use mathematical concepts including statistics, probability, functions, triangulation to help them save their city from a malfunctioning nuclear generator. Activities are mapped to the Australian curriculum.

  • Age range: Grades 7 – 9
  • Number of students: Classes up to 25 students
  • FREE as part of the Deluxe School Package
  • Stand-alone price: $800

What Workshop Participants Liked

  • I liked how creative the workshop is and how you guys made the lesson in several parts, so you have many different things all contributing to the same topic of ‘Saving the City’.
  • Hands on; engaging more students; very well organized and prepared; great for students to use equipment that we don’t have at school; time of session was great; good relationships with students.
  • The interactive aspect. Having to decode and deactivate the bomb was fun
  • The Nerf Guns and cracking the code
  • Being more interactive and not having to sit and write all lesson
  • We got to work with a range of different objects not just normal maths worksheets
  • Hot wheels car jumping and the Nerf Guns
  • Code cracking and working with different people in our groups
  • We liked the Nerf Guns and the cars
  • It was simple and straight to the point; wasn’t full of tedious garbage; It took a different and innovative approach to math problems, and was really enjoyable.

Workshop Footage

The 2017 workshops have been heavily revised and improved based on our experience running them in 2015-2016. Here’s some footage from past workshops:

We’ve revised the workshop workstations to be more user friendly and visually appealing:

Workstation Sheets