FINISHED – Free Math Thrills Packs for Schools

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Our aim is to create a society with universal mathematical literacy by making mathematics an exciting part of our daily consumption of movies, books, games, news and social media… Associate Professor Michael Milford, Founder of Math Thrills and AMP Tomorrow Maker


Courtesy of the generosity of the AMP Foundation’s Tomorrow Fund and Math Thrills, you can now get a completely free Math Thrills school package delivered to your school door.

Update 24/07/2017: Giveaway Finalized

The giveaway has now finished and all schools should have received their packs. Thanks so much for all the great feedback and suggestions so far – please keep it coming.

Update: 15/05/2017: 181 schools reached

We’ve had an incredible response to the giveaway: 181 schools have signed up across 7 states and territories so far!

What’s in the Pack?

This package has a retail value of approximately $1150, but due to the generosity of the AMP Foundation and the support of Math Thrills, your school students and teachers can get it all, no strings attached, for free.

How to Get It


Simply register your school by entering in your details below – you will be registered on the giveaway list and your pack will be sent out to you in the next mail out. Note supplies are limited, so get in quick before they run out (we will endeavour to close the application process when all supplies are exhausted).

For security purposes, you will need to click a confirmation link in a follow-up email to confirm your registration (this is called “double opt-in and reduces SPAM and is a good thing for everyone):


If the form doesn’t work, contact me and I will manually register you.

Contact me if you have a special need or Australian link and are overseas (e.g. Australian school based overseas).



Q: What age range is this material suitable for?

A: Students in the age range is ages 12 – 18 will get the most benefit from the materials. The novel is a typical young adult novel containing some violence and teenage themes. Academically advanced younger students will also find some of the educational materials accessible.

Q: Can a school get more than one free pack?

A: At this stage, to ensure maximum effect, each school is limited to one free pack. If you are interested in the other parts of the Math Thrills package including Math in the Movies then please check out the products page.

Q: When will the pack arrive?

We will collect school requests and send out packs in batches to save on costs. The exact timing will depend on demand but will likely be within a period of a few weeks to a few months after your request.

Q: We’re not a school, we’re a prison / charity / refugee / police / at risk youth educational organization – can we still get the pack?

A: In most circumstances yes of course! We are trying to help increase the mathematical literacy of those who most desperately need it, such as those who have fallen upon hard times or those who have not had access to a full education. Please e-mail me separately with a few details about what you do.

Q: Can individuals request a pack?

To make this giveaway viable, we can currently only offer it to official school entities and other educational organizations. Please ask your school to request one if they haven’t already.

Q: Why are you doing this?

We believe that one of the keys to improving mathematical and scientific literacy in Australia, especially in the bottom education demographics, is to expose everyone to it regularly through their normal consumption of TV, movies, games, books and social media. The AMP Foundation has been generously supportive of this initiative, which is why we are able to together offer a significant amount of these new maths in fiction resources for free to schools all around Australia.

AMP Tomorrow Fund Awards Dinner, Sydney Town Hall

Math Thrills founder Michael talking on stage with the legendary Adam Spencer at the AMP Foundation Tomorrow Maker’s dinner at Sydney Town Hall.

Math Thrills founder Michael receiving the Tomorrow Maker award from AMP chairman Catherine Brenner at the AMP Foundation Tomorrow Maker’s dinner at Sydney Town Hall.