Paid Math Thrills workshop creator and ambassador


We are looking for an experienced and effective hands on educator to design and test the 2nd generation of Math Thrills workshops. The ideal candidate will improve upon the first generation workshop, which has already been tested successfully in schools at the end of 2015. The workshops involve an action-packed multi-part fictional scenario, where students must work their way through a number of exciting scenarios that involve solving mathematical challenges like code cracking, trajectory estimation and statistics.

The key requirements are:

  • Redesign the workshops to increase the autonomy of the workshops, ideally to the point at which they can be run with no training and minimal effort by the class teacher without a workshop ambassador
  • Towards that end, develop short easy to understand tablet-driven videos or animations (possibly interactive) that explain to workshop participants the activities at the various workshop workstations
  • Redesign some of the key activities to be fail safe even without workshop ambassador supervision
  • Introduce variable difficulty workstation activities that scale to the participant’s knowledge and skill level
  • Work with the existing Math Thrills line of props and research and introduce new toys and props as needs be (toy shopping, fun!)
  • Supervise and deliver the 2nd generation workshops in trials later this year throughout Queensland

The position details are:

  • You will be appointed as a casual staff member at QUT, at a level commensurate with your experience and qualifications
  • You will need to sign an IP agreement signing over any IP generated in the course of your role to the company Math Thrills Pty Ltd

Any enquiries, please contact