Novel rewriter position – FILLED


Please note this position has been filled as of 17/03/2016

We are looking for an experienced, effective and pragmatic young adult fiction writer for a paid position on the Math Thrills project.

We need a rewrite of the existing complete young adult novel, “A Question of Will”. The key requirements are:

  • Replace the current male secondary protagonist side kick “Besra” with a teenage girl
  • Increase her role in the book
  • Tone down the violence in the book without changing the fundamental plot structure and events
  • Perform the rewrite while adhering to certain mathematical events that must occur in a certain way in the story e.g. the technical details of how the two teenagers jump off a skyscraper rooftop onto an awning below must be more or less preserved

The position details are:

  • You will be paid as a once-off for your writing contributions – exact amount to be discussed based on your qualifications and proposal for the project
  • You will get co-authorship on the revised book
  • You will need to sign an IP agreement signing over any IP generated in the course of your role to the company Math Thrills Pty Ltd

Any enquiries, please contact