Kickstarter Final Stages

Final stages...
Final stages…

Final print and shipping time is approaching – yay!¬†You will have hopefully received a survey e-mail / notification asking you for some address or e-mail details so I can send out the books. Hopefully the whole process will go smoothly but if there are any issues please contact me and I’ll sort it out.

The picture is an update on some of what’s been happening:

  • lots of final draft editing (some late nights)
  • checking out all the different printing options (for a quite reasonable sum of money you can get a professionally printed book rush printed and shipped from the US to Australia in 3 days, I wish that service had been around a few years ago when I started writing books)
  • promotional flyers for some control studies I’m doing where we’re promoting the book to people without saying anything about the math (should be interesting).