Editing, finalizing printing quotes, and more editing

Hi everyone,

It’s August and the Maths Thriller project is progressing well. There’s been a lot of editing going on (much slower than writing the book in the first place!) and all the logistics of finalizing a printer, distribution channels, artwork and a dozen other things. I’m looking forward to delivering the final product to all of you and seeing what you think (along with all the other associated backer bonuses including additional books, other ebooks, donations to schools).

Sourcing the Best Printer

The printing game has changed somewhat since my last major project – local printers are now more competitive with overseas (predominantly China) printers, perhaps partly because of the relatively strong Australian dollar. Sourcing a good printer involves:

  • Requesting quotations from about 25 Australian and international printers – some printers give multiple quotations so need to go through about 40 or so different quotes
  • Pre-filtering by approximate price
  • Requesting price matching
  • Viewing sample print packs from the printers
  • Getting a mock up printed
Printer Quotations
Printer Quotations
Mock up
Mock up

Final Editing

The final pre-Kickstarter release edit is going well (albeit slowly). It’s taking approximately 1 hour to edit 3 – 6 pages. Coffee helps!

Other Matters

A lot of other things are going on too:

  • Working out optimal shipping options
  • Designing a publicity campaign
  • Setting up media links
  • Finalizing cover art
  • Limited cost effective advertising
  • Entering the manuscript into some competitions
  • Setting up websites
Entering competitions
Entering competitions

And much much more…

And finally, here’s another photo (a critical scene takes place somewhere in this photo but I’m not going to tell you where 🙂 ).

Teaser photo
Teaser photo

Thanks to all you wonderful backers again. Will update you all again soon.

All the best,